In the very beginning of Spirit of Life Church, God started shaping His strategy for transforming lives and impacting His Kingdom by a clear prophetic word that resonated in the hearts of the leadership.  The first part of the word was, "I want you to be there for families" and the second part was, "If you take care of My kids, I'll take care of your church."

Our mission is to develop fully transformed followers of Jesus Christ.  Our vision, to accomplish that mission, is for people to Encounter, Grow, and Release.  We want people to Encounter God in presence based services, Grow through a discipleship process in presence based friendships, and then be empowered and equipped to Release presence based ministry.  This isn't just for adults.  We must start this process from the youngest to the oldest.


Children newborn through 2 years old

PreK Class

Children 3 - 5 years old (not yet in Kindergarten)

K - 5th Grade Class

Children in Kindergarten through 5th grade